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LifeFM invites you to share your prayer request below and you can pray for others as well. We will only post your first name, however, you may request to remain anonymous.

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Prayer Requests


January 29, 2024, Patty Andrew

I would appreciate prayers for my upcoming eye surgery on February 6. Thank you!

December 20, 2023, Anonymous

I just need some prayers for just getting through the holidays, without my family who are in Nebraska. Dealing with a son who just had a horrible peanut butter allergy scare yesterday. I am so scared and worried about him.

December 11, 2023, Anonymous

For my daughter, may she return to the right path

December 5, 2023, Cara Robinson

I pray for my stepfather (Bryan Ryce) who is going through a lot of stress and is in stage 2 of having a heart attack. I also pray for my mother (Melissa Ryce) who is going through the same thing, but she is in stage 1 of having a heart attack. I am afraid of losing my only that was there for me from the age of 3 1/2 to 17 years. My father has been going through this for a very long time. Because my biological father was never for me when I was a little girl. He chose other things over me and my mother.

So that was all that I wanted to say and there is more to the story than just this

Cara Robison

November 28, 2023, Anonymous

Please pray the Lord brings a peace that passes all understanding to a co-worker who just lost a loved one.



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